Insurance compliance consultants

We can provide an instant compliance resource, effectively becoming a member of your team by working alongside existing personnel. All our work is carried out in the strictest confidence.

Struggling with FCA insurance regulation?

We respect the fact that every company has its own style, so wherever possible we will devise solutions which maintain the ethos of your business. We will endeavour to make sure that our solutions dovetail with your existing systems to achieve compliance in all areas covered by FCA regulation.

Our personnel

We only employ consultants who are appropriately qualified and have a track record for excellence within the insurance sector. We take pride in our experience, professionalism, knowledge and dedication to helping our clients.

Cost benefits

Our involvement with your business can save valuable time and internal resources, leaving senior managers with more capacity to concentrate on income generation, business development and other opportunities. Better working practices invariably result in operational efficiencies, helping you not only to control costs but also to increase the value of the firm.

Ongoing support

In addition to on-site visits, we provide telephone and email based support for queries on FCA compliance implementation and other related matters.
We also keep our clients informed of significant regulatory developments, including revisions to rules and procedures.