What we have to offer

To complement our compliance consultancy services, we also offer senior leaders one-to-one executive coaching to help them to:

  • Clarify and refine their leadership capability
  • Deliver against challenging agendas
  • Respond effectively to new responsibilities

Our coach will support them in critiquing their current situation, challenging their boundaries, exploring their aspirations and ultimately helping them create an action plan to deliver a practical and achievable outcome. This outcome might be an inspiring change of direction or simply a greater sense of confidence but inevitably leads to a renewed source of energy and fulfilment allowing them to guide their organisation to future success.

Executive Coaching – what is it?

Executive coaching consists of confidential one-to-one conversations. The focus is on helping the senior leader build the capacity to deliver beyond the end of the sessions. An executive coach has been likened to a critical friend, providing a blend of support and challenge that is tailored to the individual and their situation.

The relationship is often measured in months, and is generally focussed on a specific issue. Sessions lasting one to two hours will normally be scheduled every month or so in blocks of four to six. They can take place at the client’s site, but not being in the normal place of work also has its advantages.

Our coach, Ian Mercer, is able to draw on many years of senior management roles with exposure to a wide range of industries. He has been successfully coaching senior leaders for several years and has a wealth of knowledge in organisation and personal behaviours.

Get in touch and we can have a no-obligation conversation about your goals and challenges.