Helping you make the correct decision for your compliance

Choosing the right compliance consultant to help organise your business is an important decision. The Financial Conduct Authority has published a list of questions that firms should ask before making that decision. We have taken this opportunity to answer them directly.

Do they have the necessary experience and qualifications to help you and your type of firm?

We specialise in offering compliance advice to general insurance intermediaries. Our consultants are professionally qualified, with many years’ experience of working at high level within the insurance intermediary sector. We take pride in our ability to solve the most complex compliance issues.

How do they keep up to date with regulatory and product changes?

We keep abreast of the latest regulatory developments and market changes by conducting a detailed analysis of all relevant publications and announcements and through discussion with our extensive network of industry contacts.

Have you asked for a selection of clients and taken references?

We are always happy to provide references and testimonials on request, subject to our clients’ prior consent.

Have you compared them to any other consultants?

We consistently meet or exceed our clients’ expectations and are considered by many to be one of their most valued business partners.

Can they provide the type and level of service you need?

We offer a comprehensive range of services for general insurance intermediaries which are always tailored to suit the requirements of individual firms.

How will you satisfy yourself that they are providing the service you need to achieve compliance? How will you know if the consultant has helped?

CMS does not offer ‘off the shelf’ solutions because we know that each firm has its own particular needs. Depending on the level of service selected, you can expect to see an improvement in the performance of your business as a result of our involvement.

What are their charges?

Because each firm has different requirements, we tailor our charges to your particular circumstances. Our aim is always to deliver the best possible value for money.

Do they have sufficient resources to support your firm?

We always agree the level of support you are likely to need at the start of our relationship, so we can be sure that the right amount of resource is set aside. However, we recognise that things do not always go to plan, so additional support can be provided by another member of the team if there is an urgent issue and your usual consultant is not available.